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Convertible roof rail shim

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Has any one ever shimed a roof rail on a 50's era olds?My 55 has a 1\4 inch gap at the front windows and windwings,no rain comes in just a loud wind sucking sound at anything over 50 mph.I can't see any way to lower the front seal to bring down the top to seal up the window in the roof rail channel.The rear windows seal fine. any ideas? ...Tedd

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Tedd, If I undertand you correctly, you may have to raise the windwings assembly and adjust the stops that limit the upward travel of the window glass. Remove the interior door panels and look for the windwing framework mounting screws etc. to see if they can be loosened to allow the assembly to move upward and close the gap. For the window glass look for upward movement limiting brackets and adjust to allow the glass to move up and close the gap. JW

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