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Identification help with '41 Buick


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I am starting to believe that it is a Special. I thought that body style was only used on the Super and Roadmaster but have found out that they also offered this style in the Special for 1941. Based on the "portholes", I think this is a special since the Super and Roadmaster seem to have more "portholes".

Thanks Guys.


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If you've narrowed it down to Roadmaster or Super, it's definitely a Super. But from the photo, it's difficult to tell whether it is a Super or Special, because they used the same front-end sheetmetal. However, by examining the hood latch, it appears to be a short word: i.e. "SUPER" and not "SPECIAL". See the attached photo for clarification.

Roadmaster, Century and Limited shared (more or less) front sheetmetal, but it is not interchangeable with the smaller cars. The bodies on Super and Roadmaster cars were the same from the cowl back, and the Century shared its bodies with the Special line in the same way.

Here's my 1941 Buick Buyer's Guide that will help you with identifying just about any '41 Buick.


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