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It finally had to happen - 1st scary repair...


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Well, if I didn't believe in GOD before now, he just made me a believer!!!<P>Just had brakes checked for replacement by one of those "Free Brake Inspection" places. When mechanic got in car to drive into shop, said I needed a passenger side outer tie rod. After "thorough" inspection, said I definitely need to replace the tie rod as it would soon go. My mechanic just came out of surgery, so I couldn't go to him to verify this, so I took the mechanic at his word. I mean, who could screw something like that up? Besides, I still hold the policy of addressing any Brake, Steering, Suspension, or "Blowout condition" tire problem immediately. <P>So, today I take the car down to my Cousin's garage to have the OUTER tie rod fixed... $35 in labor and a $25 part from the local AutoZone Parts store. Something told me to get the INNER tie rod also, since my Cousin's Garage was clear on the other side of town, and just return the part when I come home.<P>Well, the OUTER tie rod was just FINE! No damage whatsoever, strangely enough. The INNER tie rod was now TWO pieces of steel, where it should be only one. The only thing holding it all together seemed to be the daggonne dust boot!! Apparently it broke not too long after I bought the car, after I last had it serviced for brakes by my Mech. Since then, I have had brakes put on once, tires put all around, and a front end alignment, all with a bad INNER tie rod!! mad.gif No one else noticed this? rolleyes.gif<BR>Steering appearently got about 2inches of play in it when the thing busted. I never new it and have been driving for almost a year with it like that, at speeds exceeding 80mph at times! Once fixed, the steering's so tight, I oversteer constantly. It'll take time to get used to it, but GOD am I thankful!! I could've driven straight into a wall on some of these highways. GHEEZE! <BR>Just thought all of you should know how this can go on undetected and possibly cause you serious harm. Cost me only another $21 for the inner rod and about $15 ($50 total) in labor to install it, compared to what it could have cost had the outer rod failed.<BR>Be careful out there, and lol to you all.

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Now at something like 132K. I put over 20K on her already. Gheeze! Never have 20K miles ever felt so good going by! First life-threatening repair, and only so because of my own stupidity. The Driver's side Inner and Outer tie rods are going to be done when I get paid in two weeks, now, and I'm going to have thos ball joints and bushings up there done before the spring hits, just to be safe. Thanks Barney.

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