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Buick Lucerne; have you bought one?

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Besides the older Buicks, the Lucerne is the first Buick that has caught my eye since the

last of the Rivieras. I am looking at the base CX model with my favorite 3.8 V6 engine.

If any of you have bought or driven one, how satisfied with the car are you? I want a

bench seat for sure. Dont think that I need the CXL or CXS to be happy. And definitely

no more moon roof with all the extra wind noise that they bring with them.

Sagemist or Silver? Thanks!

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Guest my3buicks

I have driven 3 of them now, 2 with 6's and one with an 8 - the six was more than adequate power - the 8, well, let's just say I would need a 6 to keep my drivers license.

I was very pleased with the driving experience in all three cars - if I could live with a car and didn't need the REndezvous versatility I would have one in a heartbeat.

Great colors you are choosing from, I love the Sliver and the Sage, I think you will see fewer sage ones on the road, so I would go that route.

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We've had ours a little over a month now. My wife drives it most of the time, but I get to drive it some! This is the finest driving and riding Buick I've ever owned, and I've owned my share...nine new ones since '73. We took a 200+ mile trek a couple of Saturdays ago. It had about 500 miles on it then, and we drove 70 on the freeway. No vibrations, no wind noise, just a great ride. We averaged 26.44 which I was happy with. It now has over 900 miles on it, and we are taking off for the day on Saturday. I'll check the mileage again. I'm impressed with fit and finish. Best I've seen on a Buick. I need to spend more time in the car and get used to the Driver Information Center. It's a CXL with the heated and cooled seats, seats that set with the key fob, etc. On Star is great with the hands free cell phone feature. V6 has plenty of power, my choice of engines here. Great car, 'course I figured it would be...


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I like the look of the Lucerne fine, but haven't driven one. It's out of my league as a purchase. But I noticed a late model Century down the street from my house, and it makes me wonder why Buick has an "old fogey" image in styling. I think it's a very clean, well-proportioned car all around. This one was silver and I thought it was cool. (Maybe I'm an old fogey now!)

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