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Zephyrhills,FL Swap Meet?

Mika Jaakkola

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Mika, Welcome to the U.S. How long do you get to stay and where all will you be going? Did anyone else come with you?

Glad to hear that you found some of what you were looking for and at a price you felt was fair. We know some folks that gave up going to that flea market because, like many others, they just weren't finding what they needed. I would hate to think you came all that way and went back home empty handed.

By the way nice photo of you with the car. smile.gif

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Me, my brother and my mom came to visit my big brother and his wife here in Zephyrhills grin.gif

We are here for 2 weeks.

Today, i bought my first tool box(yes, i never had one, even i have fixed old cars for 10 years now

wink.gif ). It's a metal craftsman.. wow (they don't sell craftsman tools in Finland)

Yes, I was satisfied with the swap meet. But boy was it HOT out there!!

We've been here only for 2 days and I already replaced the broken antenna with universal-one...So got the VERY important radio playing music again !!

I also need to change the carpet,windshield wiper blades with refills and do something for those electric windows!! wink.gif Yes, a car restoring vacation!!

Hey, the picture showed my imperial and my brothers, but here's a pic of me with the imp.


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Yes I will send it back home, but not quite sure when. My brother who lives here in FL is a pilot and I can store the car in aeroplane hangar...I think i had another obsession when driving around those small streets in Zephyrhills... It would be nice to get an Airstream as well!!!! wink.gif

I've seen few in peoples backyards. laugh.gif:D

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