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Oldsmobile 1928 - 29


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Unfortunately the book says that the engine number location is the same as the serial number.

Maybe if you can post a picture of the car it could be identified. If not in this forum, in the "what is it" forum. I have seen some pretty strange looking vehicles identified by some of the people here. One of the reasons it's so nice to come to a site like this is because of the collected knowledge.

Sorry I couldn't help more.


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Years ago my father had '28 and '29 oldsies it is interesting to read that this car is a right hand drive car.

As I am from Australia and remember dads' old cars you will probablly find the body plate if there is one on the pasengers side (left hand side)timber chassis rail just inside the front door (This was a standard position for Holden bodied cars)

Also a quick way to identify a '28 was they had cowl mounted parking lamps

and no no vertical chrome rods from the headlamps,the badge was oval.

'29's had parking lights in the headlamps and no cowl lamps they had vertical chrome rods from the head lamps to the front apron and a different badge also a tie bar oldsmobile in it between the headlights.

This is not to mention that the radiator surrounds are different and the shutters on them are different sizes betwen the two models.

hope this helps


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Thank you for your responce

I have found the engine number but there is no plate on the car

The number is FR4381, and I do understand that this means F for foreign and R for right hand drive.

I think this was a car made in the US for export to New Zealand

I also found the date code on the Zylinderhead A59 A=jan 5=5th and 9=1929

It seems to be a early 1929

I have uploaded some photos of it onto the photo section of this web page



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