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ABS Rebuild

Richard S

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There has been, and will continue to be neverending posts regarding the ABS braking system on GM's orphans, the Reatta and the Allante. While the systems are different, Reatta using Teves and Allante using Bosch III, the concept is similar, meaning the problems are also. I have already redone the system on my Allante. Caddy wanted upwards of $3500. I sent the entire unit to Prior Remanufacturing, and in less than a week they sent me back a remanufactured unit, including pump, master cylinder, etc. for under $550. Their online [priorreman.com] catalogue lists the system for the Reatta as well, part no. 4600134. You can get price quote from them. I am confident it will be the lowest cost alternative for us all.

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