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Need help for my fathers 1941 Dodge that he just bought


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My father just bought a 1941 Dodge 1 ton stake bed truck today that was a farm truck that sat for a long time. When the truck was parked about 12 years ago it ran but now the engine will not turn over. I have not pulled it out of the truck as of yet but if the weather is nice that is what is going to be done next weekend.

Since my father is not very Internet savvy I am trying to help him out. What I am trying to do is find some tips in getting this engine loosened up and I need some help on getting parts. Over all the truck is in great shape. We do need to replace the driver side door that does have a bit if rust through on the inside and out and we are thinking getting a clean door is the best idea right now then taking a chance that we could have missed some rust. Other then that the chrome and all other body panel are in good shape. Once I get a running motor back into it and get a paint job on it will look great. For just a $1000 buy I think we have a great deal going with how good the body is expect for the one door.

This is the over all parts that we know we need.

Driver sides Door

Some who can rebuild the speedometer or we need a new one

Maybe a new motor or just a rebuilt kit for it

Brake Lines

Wire Harness

OEM tires

OEM looking shocks

New bench seat

That is about it except for a tune up items and that is about it.

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Neal, Finding a clean door may be difficult. I suggest having yours repaired by a qualified metal man. Shocks and wire harness and brake hoses are available from Roberts Motor Parts or Andy Bernbaum (spelling ?) Buy tubing from auto parts store and make your hard brake lines. What is wrong with the speedo? Be specific. If the needle fell of, try removing the stainless bezel and gluing the needle back on. If the needle plastic is warped, make a new one and glue it on. If you have the original seat, remove all old upholstery material and make repairs to the springs and seat spring frame and recover with a kit from the previously mentioned suppliers. Good seat springs will be as hard to find as rust free doors. May have to remove cylinder head and inspect pistons, valves and cylinders for wear or damage and then decide to rebuild or not. Your complete fuel system will need attention also. Last fall I completed the complete restoration of a customers 1942 Dodge 1/2 ton PU so this is all fresh in my mind. John Worden Green Mountain, Iowa 641-474-2313

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