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rear flash bulb


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If you mean the lightbulbs in the tailight, the entire assembly must be removed from the rear of the car. Fold the trunk liner forward and you will see several plastic wing nuts. A couple are near the ends are are not really obvious. Remove the nuts and the entire assembly will slide rearward. There should be a couple of limit cables attached to the assembly to allow it to hang against the rear of the car. Be prepared with padding to protect the painted surface from the studs that will project from the tailight assembly. It's very easy to scratch the paint, especially on the ends. Rotate the bulb socket which is inserted into the rear of the assembly and it will pull out with the bulb. You may want to replace all the bulbs while you're at it. There are (12) of the standard dual filament bulbs and (2) marker light bulbs on the ends. Only six or eight of them use both filaments for stop/tail/turn but all bulbs are the same.<P>------------------<BR>Hal, btk@vbe.com

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