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2001 Reatta Meet?


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The national Buick club meet will be in Buffalo on July 11-14. As soon as we get an official schedule for the Reatta division meeting it will be posted.<BR>The BCA has their concours on Saturday, so if you intend on seeing all the Reattas in one place that is the day. <P>If you check the Buick club home page, you will find BCA regional events scheduled all over the country. All major events will have a Reatta catagory, check them out<P>------------------<BR>Barney Eaton Reatta technical advisor for BCA and keeper of the Reatta database.<p>[This message has been edited by Barney Eaton (edited 02-25-2001).]

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I live in Montross, Va. about 50 miles from Richmond, and If their are more Reatta's in this area only know of 2 more besides mine, maybe we can start something local. I own a 1990, and locally this would be great..<BR>Thanks,<P>E-mail buick_1990@yahoo.com<p>[This message has been edited by buick_1990 (edited 03-05-2001).]

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