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floor duct heater for the Model A

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See my heater - it is a faithfull reproduction of an era "unauthorized" accessory Gladiator model A Ford heater. I make these in small quantities for the hobby, and list them periodicly on ebay in the winter. There is no cutting of your firewall sheetmetal! See commercial forum post or attachment


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I noticed that you have made some Model A heaters in the past. Have you ever seen one like this?


It is a "Directors Special" heater manifold and it also has the "Trumpet". Both come together and vent through the firewall. Also, it's a bit hard to see in the picture, but there is a round cover in the exhaust manifold just to the rear of the the intake manifold. It can be rotated open or closed , presumably to vent some heat when it is not needed before it gets to the firewall door.

The flexible metal tubing of the trumpet is rusted through behind the carburetor. I believe it is 1.75" OD. Would you happen to have some of the flexible tubing?


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I have stopped putting together kits. I can't get the proper flex pipe anymore. I have a bunch of raw castings that need grinding and holes drilled & tapped but the pipe sold now is the wrong size and not as flexible as what I had been buying previously.

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