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1916 Maxwell

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Hello - I have just bought a 1916 touring model with all the big bits in place but crude speedster body and unusable wooden wheels. Was there an aftermarket tuning market (like Fords) for modifying the hubs to take wire wheels (21") and does anyone have any sound wheels I could buy?

Also, did they make tuning parts for the engine like aluminum heads or larger/twin carbs?

The bore seems the same as a Harley..

An address for the Reigistry would be good too.

Thanks in advance,

Graham (UK)

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I just purchased a 1916 maxwell tour and have wheels but need a spare ( not the wooden part but the steel and rubber.) also need convertable top and framing, carb. parts or carb. and a few misc. radiator cap fuel tank cap fuse box cover and wooden steering wheel. Do you have any ideas?

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