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AC Delco Durastop Brakes

Ted Davenport

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Guest wally888

OEM if available ( some owners report finding them)

If not , others suggest: (from reatta.net/brakes/part #'s)

About Brake Pads: Many replacement pads are not the proper size! Some owners have been fortunate and have found OEM pads! A post from the Reatta Forum: (suggest you search there," Brake Pads", before selecting replacement pads or a Repair Shop!)

The 12321440 (front) and 12321441 (rear) Pad Kits are no longer available. However, exact replacement Durastop pads are available from any GM or ACDelco retailer. The original Pad Kits included caliper bushings. The Durastop pads come by themselves. You will have to purchase 2 18013996 Bushing Kits. If the caliper bolts have any corrosion or rough areas on them, they really should be replaced. No matter how smooth you polish them, the thin plating is gone and they will corrode quickly.The key to non-dragging, quiet brakes is new bushings when replacing pads, and smooth, lubricated caliper bolts.

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Well, if nothing else, they are expensive. Do come with a little tube of bushing lubricant though.

Note, when cleaning everything, do not try to remove the slider from the bolt, It is captive so that all will come out of the caliper together and can be cleaned/lubed.

Also need to get the parking brake spring on the rears over the tab so that the proper tension will be maintained. If not on things may vibrate/rattle.

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Going to have to replace rear pads (been clanking for months) before cold weather. Have two NAPA bushing kits and will look around for Durstops. It sounds like caliper bolts are special in nature (plating?) - anyone have part #s and are they available from dealer?



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