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series 124 engine mounts

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I am new to this forum but a keen DB enthusiast from New Zealand. I have been restoring a series 124 car ( old DB body with fast 4 engine), has anyone successfully installed rubber engine mounts on this vehicle and if so how did they do it?


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Hi and welcome,

Sorry no one has responded to your inquiry as yet. Perhaps that is because what you request has not been done. Given the mounting of the rear tranny/bellhousing brackets to the frame, and the front, depending on the specific engine, 'D' or 'E' (ie. two point or three point) It would be a very difficult thing to do without some serious modification. I personally think it would not be a project worth the effort. Are your roads that rough, or is there an imbalance in your engine causing a vibration? Why not just restore it as it was designed? Good Luck.

Rodger "Dodger" Hartley

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