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WTB Counter gear for Roadmaster 1936

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Is there anyone that has a new or used counter gear for the Roadmaster gearbox? The one in my box is quite worn, which causes a lot of noise when starting. I don´t think that 1937 and onwards does suit due to that this one has needle bearings but from 1937 the bearings are not used, although I am not sure.

Any help is appreciated.


Roadmaster 81-36

Roadmaster 80C-38

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Yes, I am checking E-bay several times every day to be updated on available parts. I have seen a complete trans case but to have this one shipped to Europe without knowing the condition of it is to take a chance. Best thing is if the part is possible to check by a picture, and so far I have not seen any counter gear for sale. But all of a sudden it might dive up one.


Roadmaster 36-81

Roadmaster 36-80C

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