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Family Photo - 1910ish?

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Neat pictures. I was hoping someone else would add some comments.

The first picture looked like a two-cylinder Buick at first and quick glance, but it is not. It appears to be a four cylinder car. The bills on the front fenders could be distinguishing. They are a bit unusual on cars of this vintage (1908-10). Only guess-Maytag or something along that size.

The next car is neat also. Good sized 1912 (probably) Touring car. Surprising it appears to be left hand drive, unless the negative was flipped. No guesses yet.

Back to the books.


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No, the second car is not an E-M-F. The Fenders are wrong for sure. It looks like a bigger car than an E-M-F. The raked windshield is similar to what was used on the E-M-F Demi Tonneau, but the body is not a Demi Tonneau.

I do not know what kind of car it is though.


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Before I get to the main point of this post my thanks to Peter for creating this form. Long overdue and VERY helpful!

Now down to business. I have a strong suspicion that the motor car posted first in this particular thread is a 1909 McLaughlin-Buick Model F built in Oshawa Ontario Canada. Those who want to compare can find a good current photo of the 1908 model F at http://www.gmcanada.com/inm/gmcanada/english/about/OverviewHist/model_f_spec.html while a contemporary shot can be found at http://www.canadianheritage.org/reproductions/20512.htm From what I can tell the difference between 1908 and 09 is primarily the windshield frame. A photo of the 1909 can be found at http://www.mbautomuseum.com/Tour/McLaughlin-buick%201909.htm

What do you think folks wright or wrong?

Happy Motoring

Stephen 20512.jpg

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According to the GM link provided in my post 'Model F's' did not come with a standard windshield or top but they could be purchased as options. The McLaughlin-Buick's top differed from that of U.S.-built Buicks by being fully lined -- and its optional 'Ideal Glass Front,' with mahogany wood frame and fold-out upper half, was unique to McLaughlin.

Should also mention that I have seen photos of some Buick's of this vintage with "Bills" on the front fenders, but most without. I am starting to think that they too were factory options. BTW One thing that does not match up is the rear door handle I just noticed that the McLaughlin has a rear door handle at the rear of the door ( conventional opening) and it looks to be a lever or tee handle. . I have looked at a number of model F photos on line and both Buicks and McLaughlin Buicks almost always seem to have a handle at the rear. The Photo posted above , however, shows a bale handle at the front. Some additional searching has however revealed that the Bale at the front did appear on some Buicks of this vintage. Check out the attached link, it has a close up that conclusively proves that.Question is is the e-bay Buick a model F


I guess that in 1909-1910 Buick let you decide whether you wanted front or rear opening rear doors


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