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Following parts source found:<BR>Atlantic Buick Specialists <BR>Post Office Box 4393 <BR>Canton, Georgia 30114<BR>(678) 431-1408 <A HREF="http://www.atlantabuick.com/Index.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://www.atlantabuick.com/Index.htm</A> <P>NOTE: We offer no guaranties on the availability of parts. Many parts have been discontinued and quantities are LIMITED! Orders are filled subject to availability. Shipping is not included and is dependent upon size, weight and distance. <BR>NOTE: <BR>Reatta parts are disappearing at an alarming rate. IF YOU ARE EVEN THINKING that you might want or need a part, NOW is the time to act. IF YOU WAIT, it may be too late.<P>Part Number<BR> Group<BR> Description<BR> Years <BR>Applicable<BR> Price<BR> <BR>RE8794<BR> 1.240<BR> Cap, Coolant Recover Jar <BR> 88-91<BR> 2.00<BR> <BR>RE7420<BR> 1.240<BR> Resevoir, Coolant Recovery Jar<BR> 88-90<BR> 14.00<BR> <BR>RE3028<BR> 1.240<BR> Resevoir, Coolant Recovery Jar<BR> 91<BR> 14.00<BR> <BR>RE6995<BR> 10.154<BR> Container, Windshield Washer Fluid<BR> 88-91<BR> 11.50<BR> <BR>RE0925<BR> 14.565<BR> Switch, Sunroof Control<BR> 88-91<BR> 5.00<BR> <BR>RE6245<BR> 10.777<BR> Switch, Window Control (in console)<BR> 88<BR> 59.00<BR> <BR>RE1338<BR> 9.645<BR> Power Antenna Assembly<BR> 88-90<BR> 95.00<BR> <BR>RE8382<BR> 4.647<BR> Accumulator with Seal (ABS Systems)<BR> <BR> 130.00<BR> <BR>RE1269<BR> 9.645<BR> Power Antenna Assembly<BR> 91<BR> 95.00<BR> <BR>RE5004<BR> 5.858<BR> Wheel Center Cap<BR> 88-90<BR> 65.00<BR> <BR>RE4048<BR> 2.239<BR> Ignition wire set<BR> 90-91<BR> 45.00<BR> <BR>RE9468<BR> <BR> Ignition module bracket<BR> 90-91<BR> 12.00<BR> <BR>RE4012<BR> 2.383<BR> Ignition module<BR> 90-91<BR> 182.00<BR> <BR>RE2401<BR> 2.170<BR> Ignition coil<BR> 90-91<BR> 37.00 ea.<BR> <BR>RE3966<BR> 2.239<BR> Ignition wire set<BR> 88-89<BR> 43.00<BR> <BR>RE3801<BR> 2.170<BR> Ignition coil<BR> 88-89<BR> 85.00<BR> <BR>RE3623<BR> 2.383<BR> Ignition module<BR> 88-89<BR> 163.00<BR> <BR>RE8074<BR> 12.112<BR> "Reatta" Fender Emblem<BR> 88-91<BR> 19.50<BR> <BR>RE7010<BR> 8.055<BR> Hood Emblem (Buick "R" Reatta)<BR> 88-91<BR> 61.00<BR> <BR>RE8943<BR> 7.832<BR> "REATTA" Rear Bumper Name Plate<BR> <BR> 54.50<BR> <BR>12397074<BR> 8.304<BR> RKR Panel Mldg Kit - RH<BR> 88-91<BR> 168.00<BR> <BR>12397075<BR> 8.304<BR> RKR Panel Mldg Kit - LH<BR> 88-91<BR> 168.00<BR> <BR>20587948<BR> 14.691<BR> Escutheon, Frt S/D Pull HDL (pkg of 4)<BR> 88-90<BR> 3.96<BR> <BR>20588297<BR> 14.691<BR> Lens, S/D C/LP (11.928) (pkg of 2)<BR> 88-91<BR> 6.60<BR> <BR>20588020<BR> 14.691<BR> Retainer, Frt S/D Pull Strap (pkg of 2)<BR> 88-90<BR> 2.00<BR> <BR>01647027<BR> 10.240<BR> Plate, F/FLR CNSL Trans Shift Opening<BR> 86-88<BR> 198.00<BR> <BR>12337955<BR> 5.813<BR> Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts<BR> 88-90<BR> 3.05<BR> <BR>20485488<BR> 10.512<BR> Handle, Frt S/D I/S - RH<BR> 86-88<BR> 38.50<BR> <BR>20485489<BR> 10.512<BR> Handle, Frt S/D I/S - LH<BR> 86-88<BR> 38.50<BR> <BR>20106274<BR> 10.777<BR> Switch, SI WDO<BR> 88-91<BR> 28.50<BR> <BR>20709074<BR> 10.185<BR> Mirror, I/S RR View<BR> 88-91<BR> 88.25<BR> <BR>RE7800<BR> 9.275<BR> Module, A/C Blower Controller<BR> 88-91<BR> 94.00<BR> <BR>16507930<BR> 2.725<BR> Lens, Frt Fog Lamp<BR> 88-91<BR> 43.25<BR> <BR>16507932<BR> 2.726<BR> Housing, Frt Fog Lamp<BR> 88-91<BR> 26.75<BR> <BR>16502155<BR> 2.728<BR> Bezel, Frt Fog Lamp<BR> 88-91<BR> 20.90<BR> <BR>RE5411<BR> 2.575<BR> Lamp, Frt Side Marker (T/Sig, Corn, Park) LH<BR> 88-91<BR> 285.00<BR> <BR>RE5412<BR> 2.575<BR> Lamp, Frt Side Marker (T/Sig, Corn, Park) RH<BR> 88-91<BR> 285.00<BR> <BR>09442877<BR> 8.991<BR> Bulb, W/Socket (Halogen)<BR> All<BR> 14.60<BR> <BR>RE0108<BR> 2.760<BR> Crank Kit, HDLP Actuator<BR> <BR> 38.50<BR> <BR>RE7163<BR> 2.760<BR> Actuator, HDLP Opening Door - LH<BR> 88-91<BR> 150.00<BR> <BR>RE7164<BR> 2.760<BR> Actuator, HDLP Opening Door- RH<BR> 88-91<BR> 150.00<BR> <BR>RE7512<BR> 2.682<BR> Lens, Tail Lamps outer<BR> 88-91<BR> 227.00<BR> <BR>16507515<BR> 2.689<BR> Reflector, Rear - LH<BR> 88-91<BR> 70.75<BR> <BR>16507516<BR> 2.689<BR> Reflector, Rear - RH<BR> 88-91<BR> 70.75<BR> <BR>16624692<BR> 10.527<BR> Handle, Frt S/d O/S (White w/Chrome) RH<BR> 91<BR> 77.75<BR> <BR>16624963<BR> 10.527<BR> Handle, Frt S/d O/S (White w/Chrome) LH<BR> 91<BR> 77.75<BR> <BR>10230725<BR> 1.066<BR> V-Drive (Serpentine) Belts<BR> 88-90<BR> <BR> <BR>RE7507<BR> 2.680<BR> Housing, Tail Lamp Outer<BR> 88-91<BR> 345.00<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>If a part you need is not listed, do not be discouraged. This is not an exhaustive list of the parts we have available. We are continually adding parts. Also, we are often able to locate discontinued and hard to find parts from other sources. If you need a part that is not listed here, please send us an email telling us what it is and we will see if we have it and if not, we will try to locate it as reasonably as possible. <P> Atlanta Buick Home Page<P> <BR>

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