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I would recommend your getting the wheels powder coated. Look in the Yellow Pages for local firms that offer the service. Powder coating is much more durable than any paint currently available and the powder comes in just about any color you need.

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This is what I did for my 48 Buick wheels.

1)sand-blast all 5 (went to a place where they rent the booth by the hour)

2)give them to a shop that does electro-galvaniztion. Basically putting a hard, very thin coat of zinc that prevents rust.

Hot-dip galvanization is even better but not suited for wheels as it may distord them due to the heat applied (over 450c celsuis).

3)paint one extra layer of spray-can zinc rich paint (epoxy based)

4)paint the desired color using 2 stage urethane paint

With the zinc it will not rust.


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