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1938 Special Convertible Coupe Info Help

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I recently purchased a 38 special convertible coupe (38-4467) The ID plate has Body# 1089, Trim# 449 and Paint#520. I know that 520 means whistler grey. What does the body # and Trim # refer to. I have heard that the interior rear view mirror for these cars are difficult to find. What is the difference in the interior mirror between the open cars and the closed cars?

The NY Registration document for this car has three numbers on it that do not relate to anything that I have seen stamped on the car. The first one is A091736. The second one is BY134107 and the third one is ECG ND0291. Can anybody shed some light on what these may mean on the registration document.

The number stamped on the engine is 43496845

Thank You for any help waldean35@hotmail.com

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Hi, and welcome, fellow '38 owner! hey, yours is the same color as mine. (btw i have the model 41, trunkback sedan) please post some pictures, if you dont mind, id love to see it. whereabouts in ny are you?

i believe the body number is which body you have. in your case the convertible coupe. i think the trim number is rather unknown, thats what someone who knew what they were talking about told me when i asked them about my trim number. who knows?

i know nothing about NY registartions, but someone else might.

as for the mirrors, i dont know enough to tell you about them and i dont know how rare they are.

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Re Your Body and Trim Codes. #520 is Whistler Grey as you already knew. With Paint Code #520 there were two wheel colors available. The standard color was Whister Grey with Cartaret Red striping while the optional color was Dante Red with Silver striping. #449 is definitely Red Leather. I don't recall if the data plate ever reflected what color top was put on. Either black or tan was available. Your engine number matches that for 1938 Special. The #4 indicates Series 40 while the rest is the engine #. The car's serial number is on a plate on the frame next to the starter. Don't know about those other numbers you gave. Production on your car per Buick Motor Division figures as listed in the Buick Club of America Roster was 2,473 domestic and 152 exported. Not sure about the mirror unless the difference was the closed cars were woodgrained on the back while those used on the open cars were chromed. Just a guess. Nice car! Tell us more about it.

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Dear Roadie 72:

I posted some information for you on the other thread you started. As to Body numbers, cars built at Southgate, California, have a body number prefixed with C and those built at Linden, New Jersey, have body numbers prefixed with L. In your case, the answer is even easier as all convertibles of all series, both 2 and 4 door, were built at Flint.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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