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1940 buick codes


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In actual fact it is the serial number of the vehicle. If you knew what number they started with in 1940 it would also tell you what number vehicle it was that year. Nobody ever heard or dreamed of "VIN" until we got into the 60's. If you want to start some excitement at your local MVD tell them your car dosn't have and never had a "VIN". On second thought they have even less of a sense of humour that Police Officers maybe you shouldn't.

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Pinecoach:

The number you gave (13796559) is what's known as the "Frame Number". It's on a quite small rectangular plate on top of the frame rail just behind the battery. They started at 100,000 in 1915 and continue more or less sequentially until 1954, when the Buick System changed. There is also the "Motor Number", which is stamped on the engine (and always somewhat larger than the frame number), and the "Body Number", which is on the stamped plate affixed to the firewall. Some states used the frame number as the VIN # on the title, and others (Colorado, as 1 example) used the motor number.

The number you give was issued for the plant at Flint (The first digit 1 is the Flint plant code) and 3796559 was in a block for production in April 1940. If your car has it's original engine, you should find a set of numbers on a small ledge just behind the distributor. The first digit is a model code (4=Special, 6=Century, 8=Roadmaster, 9=Limited) and the balance is the actual motor number. Yours should be in a range between 3993000 and 4023000, if the original engine is still in the car.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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