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WTB Main sill cover panel for 29 Buick

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Looking for the drivers side sill panel for a 29 Buick model 27 116" This is the piece that runs directly under the 2 doors between the cowl and the rear fender. 44 3/4" long.




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I am not sure what part you are looking for. If it is the sheet metal "kick panel" between the running board and the bottom of the body where it mounts to the frame, you can use the other side as a pattern and have a mirror image duplicated by a good sheet metal shop. If you are looking for the aluminum door sill plates, you might try Bob's automobilia.

Mark Shaw

Vancouver, WA

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Hi Mark

If you look at the side of your 29-27 at the very bottom of your cowl, you will see a strip about 1 inch high that runs from the cowl, along under the 2 doors. It's part of the body and is nailed on before the body is mounted to the frame. It looks like a simple piece to bend but the problem is that it has a slight curve to it and it buckles when you try to do it without rollers or something.

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Greg, Most likely I could make the piece if you are unable to find one. I would need measured drawing, or sample part or remnants of the original for a pattern. I can email photos to you of pieces I've made in the past if you wish. John Worden Green Mountain, Iowa Phone 641-474-2313

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