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AZ S.B. #1028 - requires duel license plates

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RE: question about proposed requirement in Arizona to have both back AND front license plates...

Up here in northern arizona we are about three centuries behind you low-landers, so I know nothing about this ( yet ).

BUT - Frankly, Peter, I was surprised, when we re-located here from California, that they dont have front plates. As far as I know, most states do have that requirement in my new home state. Those that do not have this requirement, probably will all start requiring this - and I have a nasty suspicion as to why.

Collecting traffic fines on mickey mouse tickets is a great business for revenue starved govt's. ( have you ever met a govt. that did NOT claim it wanted more money...!). Arizona is going nuts installing these snooper cameras al over the place ( we even have them up here in Prescott ! ) (which reminds me, when you come up here to vist, dont go ONE MILE over the speed limit - local and county law enforcement WILL write a ticket for a mile or two over the speed limit !).

Anyway, the new "speed cameras" that are appearing all over the country, photograph the FRONT of the car.

So, if my "hunch" and anti-govt. prejudices are correct, THAT is what is behind the movement to require both rear and FRONT plates. ( just pure greed !)

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Peter. I have heard about the proposal but have no idea where it has gone. I suspect the idea underlying the proposal is to be able to identify cars (but not drivers) when using photo radar and red light cameras. When I lived near Fort Collins, Colorado, they started using photo radar to issue speeding tickets to the OWNER of the car. No matter that he/she had loaned the car to a friend or family member, they were responsible for the fine. In one case, a car owner had to pay a fine for speeding violation by the person who had stolen his car. There are a lot of states that don't require front license plates and I hope that Arizona remains one of them.

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