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Spring LZOC swap in Pennsylvania?

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I know it's in a new location this year, but I would imagine turn-out will probably be equivalent to past years.

I've never been and would like to plan to attend this years event.

Can anyone who's been to previous years swap meets give me an idea on the typical number of dealers, variety, etc I can expect to see?

I just want to make sure the long drive, scheduled vacation time from work, etc. is all worth the effort for those 2 days.

BTW... This is one of those instances Phildaddy was referring to when he noted the need for more participation in posting to the forum! wink.gif

Thanks all!

Jim N.

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Dear Jim,Plan on being there FRIDAY MORNING when it opens,you will probably be on the road home on Friday afternoon.I went a couple years ago,the year it snowed LOTS.I would describe it as a whos who in the Lincoln parts business.If you need anything this is the place.Vendors come from all over the country so they do not bring many sheetmetal or engine parts but you can make the connection for these type parts and take care of business at a later date.diz smile.gif

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Jim, New location this year. Travelodge Inn on Lititz Road in Lancaster PA. Rooms are $49. to attendees. Plan to view on Fri morn and head for home that nite. I have been going for over 20 years and it used to be for all Lincolns. For the past few years only the H series Lincolns and a few L & K are represented. It used to last until about 3 PM on Sat. but now that seems to be pack up time.

I try to sell a few excess parts and pick up more treasures to take home . If I break even ok if not I hope I don't go too much in the hole. There are several people like myself who sell off their excess and just about all the major dealers, Brown,Whelihan,Adkins, Tricket et al. On the whole you will find more Lincoln parts in this small space than you will find at Hershey or Carlisle.


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