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I saw a RARE one today!

Mr Buick

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I was visiting an old elementary school buddy today at his place of employment, and I was wishing I had my digital camera with me.....he took me into his boss' garage and showed me his 1942 Buick Roadmaster Convertible!!!! Only 2 known to exhist!!! This one and one in Italy. I almost pooped my drawers! He spent over $100K to restore this and it is drop dead beautiful! Yes he said he is taking it to the Rochester meet. You won't believe your eyes! Next time I go there I'll get a sneak photo for you!


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Guest imported_MrEarl

Please, we would love to see pictures!! right Mr Meyer?...

See if you can get him to do a small write up for the Me and My Buick forum while you're at it. smile.gif

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Click on the 1942 group listed below.

I started that group when I saw this car in MeadowBrook.

He was also in Richmond VA national in 1999 or so.

I told the guy, I was going to buy it from his in about 50 years.

Paul Meyers is a big '42 guy, has a Super convertible.

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