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IPC died


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Well 2K was a high cost repair year for me. No complaints, she is ~12.<P>My IPC died 150 miles from home (a bit scary) in icey weather over the holidays. (This is one reason I like the CRT, I can punch up the data for say the speed sensor or oil pressure in just an emergency. Since, it was still talking to the CRT and it's a serial data channel, it really did look like just the Instrument Panel died.) The IPC just went blank. I saw some info from this site that said typical cause was the IPC logic level power supply. I called Speedway (AZ : the buickplace.com) and they tested and pulled one for me for $125.<P>If I get a chance, I'll try to determine if the p/s or clock (crystal) died, either way it was a definite no IPC communication deal.<P>Back on the road, 5X5. Happy 01 2K.

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