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1960 Chrysler Windsor Sedan???

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Welcome to the forum!

Yes, 1960 Chrylsers are GREAT cars!

There were 25,152 Windsor 4 door sedans manufactured.

The price was $3,194 USD

It came with a 383 cubic inch V8 engine.

305 Horsepower

I hope that helps.

Please post a photo sometime.



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Oki Thanks for the info. U have to excuse my bad english.

So its not a rare car? What are the prices of these cars today? This car was sold new here in sweden 1960.

But its a object, because its build as a startcar for harness racing, if U understand. The car was build for harness racing in the middle of the -60s. So its pretty cool. But it could be a good original object.

Thanks Kristoffer

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Because it's 45 years old it certainly is somewhat rare, especially being in Sweden. Although the Windsor 4 Door was the most popular car manufactured by Chrysler that year.

A nicely restored version may go for between $5,000 and $15,000 here in the states.

I'd love to see a photo of it as a startcar.

Thanks again.


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Gud Jule, Kristoffer !

I happen to be a proud owner of a 1960 Chrysler Windsor 4-dr sedan.

As Peter mentioned, there were some 25,000 of these produced for the 1960 model year (US production)...as to how many survive today...??? confused.gif

As with most Chrysler-products of this period, these cars were prone to rusting in certain areas (fender "eyebrows" over the headlights, rear quarter panels, front floors, trunk floors), and those that were in areas of the country that apply rock-salt to melt snow and ice on the roadways in winter, long ago went to the junkyards when they got too rusty to drive.

The drive trains were well-engineered and very durable.

The Windsor model is somewhat unique in the Chrysler line-up: it is built on a slightly smaller platform than the the Saratoga and New Yorker models, and uses a smaller engine. Supposedly, the Chrysler Windsor shares the same unit-body platform as the 1960 De Soto.

The Windsor rides on a 122" wheelbase, and US models used an RB-383 Chrysler "Golden Lion" "big-block Wedge-motor". This was a unique version of the "tall-block" ("RB") engine, used for 1959-1960 Chrysler Windsor and Saratoga only. It is essentially a Chrysler 413 with smaller cylinder bores. It is a different motor than the common "B-383" used in De Soto, Dodge, Plymouth, ( and some later Chryslers) from 1958 through the 1970's.

The Windsor was Chrysler's entry-level model for 1960, and is usually found with the following basic equipment:

Two-tone paint: ( roof and side-stripe painted in a contrasting color to the body)

Power Steering

Power Brakes

Torqueflite automatic transmission

AM Radio

Fresh-air heater/defroster

Day-nite mirror (mounted on dashboard)

Additional "extra cost" options included:

Air Conditioning

Mirror-Matic (automatic dimming rear-view mirror)

Remote control rear-view mirror (a covenient option, as the outside mirror is way up on the front fender!)

Automatic Headlight dimmer

Auto-Pilot (cruise-control)

De luxe radio with rear-seat speakers

Electric Clock

Hi-Way Hi-Fi (under-dash record player)

Sure-Grip differential (anti-slip locking differential)

Although this model was the "cheap" Chrysler, they were comfortable, well-built, powerful machines, featuring a 305 HP engine capable of WELL-over 100 mph top-speed.

Good luck with your "harness car" !


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