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Greetings of the Season

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Guest imported_MrEarl

[color:\\"red\\"]MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL in the Pre-war forum


This embossed Seasons Greeting card is from the Howard Automobile Co., a Buick dealer. Charles Howard opened his first Buick dealership about 1905 and eventually had dealerships in eight states. He was also the owner of the famous racehorse Seabiscuit. This card was discovered in Berkely CA where one of Howards 1930's dealership buildings still stands. Can anyone tell what year the car is?

[color:\\"green\\"]and have a Buickful New Year

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Mr. Earl,

That is a great card! The year of the car looks like a very late 20's or a very early 30's. Did Howard own a dealership in Oregon? It says Crater Lake on the card which is in Oregon.

I added my season greetings as an attachment.



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