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I intend to change the castiron exhaustmanifold on my straight 8 1931 Model 54 by a welded steel one. Two reasons; I want to save the original castiron one because these are vulnerable for cracking and this one is still perfect, the other reason is that I think the cast iron manifold is basically a very bad design. The gasses of the rear cilinders collide with the gasses of the front cilinders so the efficiency of the engine is not good. I want to produce a steel manifold with two groups of four cilinders (1,2,7,8 and 3,4,5,6) go into two pipes that come together in one muffler. Because such changes are reversible it is not effecting the originality and value of the car. Who has experiences with such welded manifolds?

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I know, but does anyone has experiences with the manifolds on the thirties Buick straight eights? For example: the small engine I have (1931 model 50) does not have bolts at the end of the manifold (next to cil 1 and 8) like the bigger brothers have. The manifold is not pressed against the head at these places. Does a steel manifold warp at these ends?

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