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Hello, My name is Bob Nugent, recently retired, and I am new to this board, but certainly not new to the hobby.

I had a 1946 Lincoln Coupe as a kid and am considering restoring a Lincoln and need some information please.

Are the Continental body shells compatible between the 40-41 and the later 42-48. That is, can I hang the front clips from an early one on a later one. Also what about the back fenders?

Can the body be removed from a Continental, as I read here some are unibody, but is that just the Zephyr.

Here info would be appreciated and if I violate any of the courtesy code here, please feel free to let me know and I will correct it.

Thanks for your time.

Bob Nugent

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No courtesy code here; we are a discourtious bunch cool.gif

All Zephyrs and Continentals were unibodies; in fact, the first Continental was just a modifed Zephyr. The bodies are so different between the 40-41s and later Continentals that I can't imagine *any* body panel that could be shared, but maybe someone else can give a definitive answer.

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