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New BCA member/carburetor help


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I'm a new member to the BCA and was wondering if some of you could help. My wife and I bought a '36 series 40, and I'm having problems with the carburetor (or should I say lack there of). The carb that WAS on it was a Holley 8BA and worked fine for getting her running again, but I rebuilt the Carter 419S that came with it and have not tried it yet (to cold!!) I just bought a Stromberg off of EBAY. It is a EE-1 and it does fit the intake manifold and it does have 1 1/32" bore, but I know it is not the right one for the Buick 233 (casting #20671 middle section of the carburetor). Here's my my question, does anyone have a throttle rod (choke also) and linkage I can copy to make this carburetor work like an original? Or can I buy these somewhere? Or will this one work at all, and I'm just wasting my time and money? I look forward to any help I can get, thank you, Mark Harrison (freezing in Iowa)

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