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How many 1931 Model 54?


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Since 2000 I own a 1931 model 54X (RHD exportversion) originally delivered to a owner in Uruguay. Just over 900 of the regular model 54 and only about 70 of the 54X were produced in 1931. I attached a small picture of my car. In 1932 this model was deleted. I tried to find out how many are left and only found a handful in the BCA-register. I contacted mosdt of these members and discovered that only one of these appeared to be a survivor of the 54X, allthough converted to LHD. I tried all the other Buick-clubs around the globe and found only one other survivor in New Seeland, but I think that was not a US-made car but equiped with a Holden-body. So including my car only 3 of the 54X. Is that really all? I would like to get in touch with present owners of both model 54 and 54X and share experiences. Who knows of more examples? confused.gif


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I would think that those in the BCA roster are likely most of the owners, if not all, except for those few rare ones tucked away in barns and rarely see the light of day. It would seem this forum might reach others then the BCA, but your message has not prompted anyone to respond. So what you know about from the roster and elsewhere may be all that exist.

However, I now know of three 1932 sedans that have just been "rediscovered" (pulled out after sitting years in garages, barns, or whatever) and are now being restored. So, you never know when more will surface. I suppose just scanning this forum and bringing this to the top on a regular basis may lead to some other owners. You never know.

Good luck, it is a fine looking automobile.


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Dear Alexander50:

I saw your post and might be able to help you. From the original factory data which Buick compiled in 1943, I have compiled a database of Frame and Engine numbers. I can tell you that Buick shows 70 cars produced but only 61 frame numbers were assigned to 1931 54X cars, so there is a bit of a contradiction in Buick's own numbers. There were 7 batches of frame numbers used, so if you can post the frame number and the engine number I am sure I can identify the car into one of those batches and give you a good estimate of the build date.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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