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I have seen a few items on Ebay and looked around for a custom license plate frame for my Reatta. So far I haven't found any. Custom work and set-up to do the true Reatta name logo is costly, and gets out of line as you also need to have quantity. I managed to locate a firm that will do custom stuff and I had them do several Reatta license plate frames for me. I do not have them as yet, but will before the holidays. <P>They can do the frame in chrome, onyx (black) or brass with any basic color letter fill you desire. They are made of brass with a baked finish and very durable and wash/weather resistant. <P>The frames I will have are chrome and one just has the Buick logo at the top and the "Reatta" name logo in its REAL form (not something using brush script or similar!) in black letters. Very nice, and attractive! <P>The other frame I designed says at the top: "My other car is a..." and then the "Reatta" name logo large at the bottom. The one frame is for a Reatta obviously, but the other for your "other" everyday car. <P>In Barney's case and with a few others here, it could be changed to read "My other car is ALSO a..." <P>Cost to do these amounts to about $50 each, plus shipping which I don't have word on yet.<P>Let me know if you are interested, as the "Reatta" name logo makes these especially attractive and the fact the text can be changed to read whatever you want.<P>Other than the ones I had made (only a few) I don't want to sell these or become involved other than to pass this on to the rest of you. <P>

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