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Amco accessories for TR6

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I have several Amco accessories I'm planning on installing in my TR6. I have questions on three of them:

1. Does anyone have a source or formula for duplicating the chrome speaker grille in the TR accessory center console? Amco made these for most sports cars, are the grilles interchangeable?

2. Does anyone have an instruction sheet for the installation of the corrugated kick panel protectors? Is there a preferred screw size/type for their installation?

3. Does anyone have a source for the tiny screws use to mount the Amco wind deflectors to the A-post?

Both the kick panels and the wind deflectors were common accessories for most all sports cars, and the instructions and hardware are likely the same for any make.

Thanks for any response.

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Hi, Dave...hope all is well, bud.

I do not know about a source for the chrome speakers, however, wonder if the tiny screws are the same as the ones that afix the left & right pressboard panels where the driver's left leg/passenger's right leg would be. The screws for those are small. Best description I can think of, is, a small screw with a washer as "one unit".

May have some and will get back. Please give me until Saturday. It would be a good time to go through all sorts of TR hardware that is just sitting there. I have no use for them. Will let you know what I find and send to you.


Peter. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Thanks Peter! hope all's well with you as well.

The tiny screws are for the mounting brackets of wind deflectors. They're (I believe) chrome and deeply tapered. The scuff plate/kick panel protectors (see photo) appear to use a more standard size screw.

There was a small "instructions" sheet with the scuff plates. The <span style="font-style: italic">very brief</span> instruction sheet that came with them (5 sentences--I'm hoping there was a more detailed sheet with diagrams that's missing here) says to use a #39 drill bit (which should be my best clue). The plates are only 1/8" aluminum, and the holes have no taper. Guessing from the cryptic sheet that I have I believe that no original hardware is used to install these. I've never seen an installed set.

The speaker grille is near hopeless. The consoles themselves are incredibly rare. An original one shows up on eBay about every 2-3 years. There was a spate of repros about a year ago, but the speaker grille was different in size, shape and material.


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Hi, Dave...

Forgot what year your TR6 is?

Started going through extra parts today and there is a lot more than screws that need a home (non-gratis). This stuff has been sitting here for years and need a home.

I have off for 5 days beginning Thursday and will have time to stage/list items.


Peter J. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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My car's a 1970. I believe the wind deflectors were available up until the end, but the console was discontinued in 1972. I don't know when the scuff plates were discontinued. All were available aftermarket or dealer-installed, and can be found listed in U.S. British Leyland literature.

All three were carry-over items from the TR4, with only the console modified from the design for original Michelotti body. It was changed from 1- to 2-piece construction (same design, however), and the original lighter in the forward section was swapped out for a clock that matched the dash. The speaker grille is the same for all years.

Thanks! smile.gif

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I have just purchased and installed Amco "wind wings" or defelectors that came off a 6 being parted out. My car is a 69. The tiny screws are hex "set screws". Can't give you a size right now but I can't imagine they are not readily avialable.

D.Lylis, FL

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