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1905 Maxwell


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We own two 1916 Maxwell touring cars but I am working on a 1905 Maxwell for a costomer who has no info on the car. So I need help getting some copys of manuals,repair info , info on serial#s and so on.all my books and info stop at 1914.Also could use a mag and drive. The trans dose not have a level plug so how is the level checked? Any help? Thanks Darin

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I have what may be a 1905 Maxwell Model L two cylinder. It has the pressed steel frame as compared with the earliest 1905's that had oak frames and the body steel came straight down and wrapped around the oak frame. There's quite a few opinions on whether all 1905 Model L's had the oak frame or not. As I recall Tom Thoburn felt that Maxwell gave up on the oak frame quite early in the 1905 production year. It was weak for the roads of the time and the 1905 Model H touring always had the pressed steel frame. The 1905 and 1906 Model L's are almost virtually indistinguishable. In the 1906 catalogue, Maxwell stated that only minor refinements had been made in the car. The 1907's body style changed and they are distinguishable from the 1905's and 1906's.

Other distinguishing features are a larger carb., round engine jug flanges, a flat timing gear cover plate as contrasted with the 1906 plates (based on the ones I've seen with low thousand serial numbers) which had a raised rib added around the edge for strength and a serial number less than 500, as in a speech in 1909 B. Briscoe said they made 500 cars in 1905 and 3000 in 1906.

My 1910 Model AA has the serial number AA 6283 stamped on the timing gear cover plate on the side and the rear end. My car has an aluminum rear end housing with 245 stamped on it. Tom's 1905 had no serial numbers anywhere but he had the oak frame. The engine had the round flanged jugs and flat cover plate over the timing gear on top of the engine.

I'd like to share any data that may be helpful with anyone interested.

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