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Tow Vehicle


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It is made by Vintage in Elkhart, Indiana. But we bought it through Millennium Trailers there. Vintage makes trailers for them and puts their name on it. Ours has the Vintage name on it.

Odd story. It was to be a show trailer with all the bells and whistles. Funny thing though, you can't put a 32' trailer in a 28' space. So they advertised it on the Millennium web page to get rid of it.

If you would like their web address, e-mail or phone number let me know. They can custom build a trailer for you or you can get a stock design.

Oh, and if you are close enough to pick it up they will knock off some additional money because they don't have to pay someone like my step-son to deliver it to you. We drove out from W. Va. and they knocked $2,000 off of the price. grin.gif

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