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CD player, trim plate, wiring harnesses for sale


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I am selling my 1990 Reatta. It did not originally have the CD player, so I'm selling it without it. About a year ago I purchased a CD player and trim plate from a 1990 Riviera. It has worked perfectly since the first time I fired it up. I can even provide the schematic for the wiring. Another member posted my wiring diagram somewhere on this site earlier this year. With the harnesses, it's an easy job. The trim plate is that GM fake wood and does not match the Reatta's interior trim. I did not paint it to match, as some others have done. I paid $350 for the CD player a year ago. Based upon the demand, I believe $350 is still a fair price and am offering at that. You may e-mail me at gfell@flash.net or post a reply, if interested.

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