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My Transmiision in my 1960 Flxible Buick has been extremily well maintanied and has 96,000 easy miles. The problem is I started to here a noise in the torque converter area. It sounded like the inspection cover was rubbing the converter. I had to get home so I drove easy and then I noticed my pink fluid had turned black. I pulled the pan last night and there is a 3/16 inch coating of metal on the bottom of the pan. I don't know the inner workings of a Dynaflow....yet. Does anyone here have any transmission experience that could give me ideas of what happened before I start pulling the transmission. Also where can I get a rebuild kit?

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Can't guess what the problem is, but like with all AT failures, make CERTAIN the trans cooler is replaced or flushed really really well. Debris trapped in cooler lines can get into new/rebuilt unit and cause repeat failure.

Be sure to flush converter really well (recommend disassembly) too.

Good luck!

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