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Looking for 1957 Lincolns

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I ordinarily frequent the Packard section of this forum as I have a 1956 Clipper HT but I thought I'd check with you Lincoln folks on this. I'm in Waco, Texas and I am looking for a particular pair of 1957 Lincolns that could be anywhere including "gone." They were owned by my grandfather, Leroy Haley in Waco, and sold as a pair in 1971. I figure if I ask enough people interested in old cars, or Lincolns especially, I will eventually find out if the cars survived. One was a black Capri 2dr HT with a white top and grey interior. The other was tan with a white top and a leather interior and electric windows so we assume it was a Premiere. I was too young to remember the cars well enough but we are fairly sure that the tan car was also a 2dr HT. If you have a '57 that matches either description and have the ownership history please let me know, we would really like to know what happened to them. Thank you.

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Don't know anything about the 57s, but noted you are just down the road from me. I'm in Hillsboro. I have a 37 LZ, but also into Fords and Auburns. Have a 57 Ranchero, a 17 Model T and and a 34 Auburn. What Packards do you have? Oh, my son drives my 65 Mustang Fastback to high school at Bynum.

Ace Collins

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Thanks for the reply. I have a 56 Clipper Super 2dr HT that is about to go to the paint shop. Please feel free to come down to Waco for a visit anytime! I'm going to keep looking and I feel certain that some leads about my gradfathers Lincolns will surface. I especially liked your website. While I loved looking at the car pictures my particular favorite page was definitely Nancy's story. By the way, I'm a Baylor grad too. Sic 'em Bears!

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