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Hardtop, anyone?


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I've read on this bbs several times about the possibility of producing a hardtop for the convertible, if one doesn't already exist. <P>I sold my Reatta convertible, but I'm planning on buying another one soon, before the end of the year (looking for a low-mileage black one, BTW). I always thought about how great it would be to have a hardtop for really inclement weather or just for the winter. My 1990 corvette convertible has a hardtop, and I really love it; the car feels a lot more solid and secure when I'm driving with the hard top installed.<P>Anyway, I'm interested in corresponding with people who might be interested in exploring this idea. I've worked with fiberglass before, and it seems that you would be able to construct a top that fits within the dimensions of the soft top, so you could use the existing hardware (header screw-in holes, rear deck holes). In addition, you could also use existing NOS weatherstripping for the windows, and the w/s on the back convertible bow for the rear of the hard top. You would even be able to incorporate a heated glass backlight by finding the manufacturer of the ones used in brand new soft tops.<P>We could do a clay mock-up to see how it looks. One of the major decisions would be how to build the thing: press-molded or hand-laminated? <P>Anyone interested?<P>necedemalis@hotmail.com

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