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Four wheel steering

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Some time ago I posted a question if anyone knew of a truck pre WWI with four wheel steering. The members here did not have a difinative answer. For your information I fount a picture of the truck in the latest edition of Hemmings. It is an "American".

I remember now that my grandfather said it was American but like the "who's on first scenes" I thought he was refering to it being made in America as the first three other trucks he drove were English (Commers).

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Thank you 58Mustang. You have finally solved a 39 year old riddle of mine. I never thought to ask my Grandfather what kind of truck it was until it was too late. I actually have a poor quality photo and it really seems to match the Nash Quad. He used to say that the truck was great for power and good to back into somewhere but almost impossible to park parallel to anything.

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