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What is a good brand of tires?

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I am considering a new set of sneakers for my '40 Limited 81. I do a fair amount of driving and was wondering what everyone's favorite brand of tire is. I was thinking of getting the Denmans. Does anyone have experience with these?

I want a tire that rides nice and holds up well, and a wide white that doesn't yellow quickly!

Thanks, Phil

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I heartily recommend the Diamondback radials. Not too sure about the other post that says they're from Korea. I heard they were Dayton truck tires with a WWW vulcanized onto them. Regardless, they're excellent quality, and your car will ride like a dream. It'll handle better, track straighter, and be far more secure in the rain. It's just night-and-day compared to bias ply tires. Best money I ever spent, and they look good too. Only trouble is they won't fit into a sidemount cover, but do you really care? http://www.widewhitewalltires.com will get you to their website.

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