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Reatta artwork

Barney Eaton

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Just before the Buick convention, I received a Reatta drawing from artist Al Richardson.<BR>I have known Al for some time and convinced him to do a Reatta picture. I showed the picture at the convention and several were ordered. <BR>I now have it posted on Tom Jenkins page <A HREF="http://www.reatta.net" TARGET=_blank>www.reatta.net</A> in the lower left of the home page. Al customizes the artwork to include the colors of your car(s), the correct wheels, and has three places on the building for your name. <BR>If you are interested, I can either send you a sheet to complete or you can call me and we can do it on the phone. <BR>Send me a note if you have further questions. <BR>Barney@texas.net 512-869-5114

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