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Reynolds Museum Inventory


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Received my list today. There have been some sales as there aren't as many vehicles for sale. All of these vehicles will be outside stored, and most have bodies that have fallen off their wood framing but as I recall from photos they sent me before (now discarded) these are mostly complete vehicles. I would purchase 2 to make 1,as I probably will. I have no idea whether they are Standards or Masters, most likely Standard judging from the farm country they came from.

I recently won the "remains" of a 25 Standard including the complete drivetrain - from an ebay auction - for $175. This may influence any decision to purchase a pile of bones from Reynolds museum.

Here it is:

1924 Buick Sedan $975

1924 touring $775

1925 sedan $550

1926 $750

1927-28 touring $575

1929 touring $250

1938 sedan $875

1916 McLaughlin touring $825

1916 McLaughlin touring $850

1917 McLaughlin touring $550

1917 McLaughlin touring $650

1918 McLaughlin touring $450

1918 McLaughlin touring $750

1938 McLaughlin sedan $975

These are in Canadian dollars. Anybody know the conversion ratio to American dollars?

Bryan Moran

BCA 28571

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Guest imported_Thriller

You can go to X-rates for accurate exchange rates - what you get depends on bank / credit card company / whoever you deal with. The Canadian dollar is currently worth just under 85 cents US (so $100 Cdn will cost you $85 US).

I may have to see about that '29 they have though as I need some bits and pieces for my Model 51.

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Thanks Derek.

By the by - they have 3 Marquettes I forgot to mention and I have seen photos of 2. They are closed sedans in decent complete shape requiring everything but not bad. 675 / 850 / 1250 Canadian pricing


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