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'51 Flxible Curtain information

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I just joined this group and I'm hoping someone here can help me, I've tried several other forums....

I'm looking for information on the Curtains for my '51 Flxible Sterling Hearse. I'd like to get some really good photos and a description of how the lower end of the vertical drape is attached (the bracket is there on my coach but there is no rod or whatever to connect the lower drape to). If anyone happens to have a pattern for the drapes that would be GREATLY appreciated (just hoping).

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


Carol Lussky

Elgin IL

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I have a few 60 Flxibles and a bunch of factory photos of all Flxible models and years. I have a bunch with 51's, maybe some interior shots. I can bet that the 51 attaches the same as the 60. Flxible kept things simple and even though the bodystyle is different the curtains should attach the same.

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I think I saw your car at the Heartland Region meet in Collinsville, IL last year. There is a book called, Flxible Professional Vehicles: The complete history. Its by Thomas A. McPherson. There a lots of exterior and some interior photos of all years of Flxible professional cars in the book. They are all black and white and probably not the detail you need but I recommend the book as a great reference for Buick professional car owners and others. The photos are 4.5 by 2.75, about 4 to a page. The closest to 51 I saw an interior shot in the book is 1952. I'm hesitant to scan and post it because its all copyrighted of course. From the photo the bottom end of the drapes have light colored tassles on them and there must be a horizontal rod that holds them in place at the bottom about 2-3 inches (a guess) below the window sill line. There used to be a 51 about 30 miles from here just sitting at a guys farm but I think its long gone. If anyone knows the legalities about scanning and posting a few pics from this book let me know. I'd like to help but don't want to get in trouble for doing it. Good luck. Steve

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