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1958 Chevy Question *DELETED*


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Let me start with the 2nd question first.

The license plate frame will not have points taken if it was available in 1958 from Chevrolet as an accessory for the Impala. I would make sure to have factory documentation for it with me. (Although personally, something like that I'd remove. If it isn't there they can't take a point for condition, being a scratch or whatever.)

As for the headlight bezels and fender gills. I don't normally do exteriors but I'd think the deduction would most likely be in the 2-5 point range. As for the judging knowing, caring, and it being obvious; I'd hope they cared to judge that car accurately, and for being obvious to the judge just depends how familiar that judge is with the class he/she is judging most likely someone on the team would be familiar with the car and let the exterior judge know it's wrong if that judge isn't accustom to judging that class.

Hope this helps to answer your question. If there is a judge on the DF, more familiar with class 33, hopefully he/she will have a more definitive answer for you.

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