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finally found VIN #

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Gentlemen, I did a few searches in this forum on serial and VIN#?s and found a lot of great helpful stuff. I finally found the numbers on my ?37 sedan on the front cross member near the left motor mount and it doesn?t match most of the numbers listed in the threads, all of your posts had the serial# beginning with ?H? unfortunately I don't see an H on my chassis, the number I found was ?2 7 I 5 2? the middle digit looks more like an "I" than a ONE.

is this a Zephyr serial#? or does my car have a different chassis other than a zephyr? I thought ZEPHYRS were UNIBODY I'm confused???

Here are the numbers I found on the vehicle:

BODY# HB730 I0II0 on firewall plate

2 7 I 5 2 driver side near motor mount

I?m working on locating the number on the rear of the vehicle, see if it matches the front.



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Looks like you have valid numbers for your '37. Someone "missed" the "H" on your serial number? Serial numbers for '37 ran from H15529 to H45529 so your "27152" would be about half way thru the production. This is also true for your body number. The HB730 indicates it's a sedan and the sequence no. "10110" would also indicate it was produced mid year. There were 23,159 sedans built in '37. If the transmission hasn't been changed there will also be the serial number stamped on the clutch housing that will match the number on the frame. The "H" indicated Lincoln Zephyr based cars. Even tho there is a frame on these cars it was bolted and welded to the body to form an intergal one piece unit.

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