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1989 White Coupe For Sale


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Got a call from a salesman at a Buick dealer in Worcester, MA this morning.<P>He was looking for help in selling his wife's car since she is getting another car.<P>Since it will be another week or so before the next newsletter is mailed, here is the info, since this car may be headed to the auction next week:<P>1989 Reatta Coupe<BR>White Exterior<BR>Gray Interior<BR>135,000 miles<BR>CRT repaired<BR>ABS light comes on<BR>Asking $3500<P>Contact:<P>Butch Brouillette (no relation)<BR>Home Phone (508) 829-2933<BR>Work Phone (508) 791-2350 ext 241<P>The car can be seen at:<BR>Edward Buick<BR>Shrewsbury St.<BR>Worcester, MA<P>Please do not contact me since I have never seen this car and will not have the time to look at it before leaving for Hershey next week.

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