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front Spindle interchange

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Part numbers indicate that the spindles were unique for Lincoln from '37-'38; '39-'40; '41; '42-'48. The ( Lincoln) axles however were the same from '37 to '41 and '42 to '48. Hydraulic brakes and tread changes (1941) may be the reason for some of these differences?

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Lincoln front spindles may be unique, but the bearing surfaces are the same as Fords. About 35 years ago, I installed 1940 Ford hubs on my 1947 Continental. This gave me enough extra width to be able to use wider 1954 Lincoln front brake drums for better braking. I had to rework the backing plates to use the wider front shoes. The 1940 Ford hubs fit right on the Lincoln spindles, but I seem to remember some machine work to fit the 1954 Lincoln front drums on the hubs. An extra benefit(?) was a slightly wider tread width and the front wheels don't look so "lost" under the wide fenders. I drove this car about 100,000 miles before the 1957 Lincoln engine got too tired and the car has been "retired" for about 25 years.

Webshots Photo album at: http://community.webshots.com/album/33590926dAmhsj

Hydraulic brakes first appeared on Lincoln Zephyrs in 1939 and are the Bendix type instead of the Ford Lockheed type.

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