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How to turn connecting rods on crankshaft 1925-6-25.

Leif Holmberg

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Does your con rod have a hole down next to one of the cap bolt heads ?

If so , then the correct mounting is with the hole installed to the right side of motor ( as you sit in the car )

This is so the oil squirts out of the hole and onto the camshaft to lube followers. This is how my 1929 engine is bolted up. Get another opinion for you 1926 motor , although it should be the same.

Also make sure the rings are positioned correctly on the piston. The top ring gap should be 180 degrees around from the spark plug( directly opposite )

The second ring gap 1/ 3 the way around from the top and the oil ring 1/3 the opposite way.

Good Luck !


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Hi Ken and thanks.There are no hole of the cap bolt heads.When i read i my 1924 4cyl.Motor care operation and care it tells that the cast no.and the cast point should be turn at the frontside.When I read in my 1923 6cyl.book the con.rod should be turn with cast no.and cast point to the nearest main bearing.In my book for 1925 it only tells that it is best to have an expert.The different on the con.rods is that 1925 has the cast no. on one side and the cast point on the other side of the con. rods.By the way I removed the crankcase on my other Buick 1925 std. and found that the cast no.was in front and the cast point at the back .

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Hi Leif, 

   I know this is a very old post that I just found, but since my 1925-25 engine is open, I thought I would answer your question.  The 1925 Buick shop manual says that the rod bearing cap pointer faces to the rear.  On the connecting rod, that translates to the cast point is to the rear, and the numbers are on the front.   This matches what you found on your other 1925 Buick Std. engine.


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I was working at this 1925-25  at that time when I putted loose rod and crank bearings from Volvo and Chevrolet .I had been thinking of doing that for a long time and did it on this car,still good  working engine after  15 year.

Leif in Sweden.

Buickrenov.8-4-05 008.jpg

Buickrenov.8-4-05 014.jpg

Buickrenov.8-4-05 016.jpg

Buickrenov.8-4-05 018.jpg

Buick 1925 Såld till Jakob Martinell Nov.06 002.jpg

Buick_Standard_Model_25_Touring_1925_ Jakob Martinell.jpg

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