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37 Zephyr interior

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I am working on the interior of my 37 zephyr 4 door sedan. Does anyone have a picture or a web site with a interior picture of a correctly restored 37 zephry. I need to know what parts should have woodgraining in addition to the color of the different parts of the dash. George Trickett thought the dash was body color and the steering wheel, parking brake and vent handle were gray, but he didn't have the color of gray.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello -

I have a couple of interior detail shots of a well-restored car at this website:


I am also posting a picture of an interior that looks mostly correct, except for the added gauges under the dash and the gear shift knob. Long story short:

1. The dash was body color.

2. Only the side window, back window, and windshield garnishes were woodgrained.

3. The steering wheel, hand brake, cowl vent handle, rearview mirror body, light switch, and overhead lamp bezel were a dark taupe color.

4. The horn button was a slightly lighter color.

The guys at Color-ite have reformulated all the old paints, including the taupe color for the '37. You might talk to them about getting the paint you need:


Hope this helps.

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Great response as usual Cecil, wish someone could be as authoritative on my '41, I am running in to all sorts of ambiguities which make it hard to know what the correct colors are supposed to be, as someone in the past repainted a lot of the parts, and even may have changed the dashboard to a convertible unit?? It has the extra hole on the far left for the top control, but the top on my club coupe does not retract, go figure, any help greatly appreciated, Rolf

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Well I'll be darned, my car seems to have the original antenna, not vacuum, and this scan out of the owners manual only lists that position for the convertible top control, sure am running into a whole new learning curve here, thanks for the input, Rolf

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